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Why do we need business cards? 

Business cards are usually presented at the beginning of a meeting.  This is the card that has your name on it and is an extension of the company you own or work for.  Most companies will keep your business card on file should they need to contact you for future products or services.

What information should you have on your business cards?

The basic information required for a business card is your name, the company name, phone contact number – whether it’s landline or mobile, web address and physical address (although this is optional), Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn if applicable.  Think of all the possible ways you can be contacted and put this on your card.  Some business cards even have snapshots of their address from the Google map to make it easier for the customer to find them.  Another use of the business card is for recording appointments.  This is very helpful for Beauticians and Hairdressers as all the information is on the card. 


Different types of business cards

The simplest card available is uncoated.  This card stock is best described as ‘no frills’.  For an economical, cheap option this is your best bet.  This is also the fastest card to print since it doesn’t require any matt or gloss cello glaze coating.  Being uncoated means this card can be written on using a ball point pen.  Prices for the uncoated card varies based on the thickness of the cards.  Please see links below for the different options.

Basic - 310gsm

Standard - 360gsm

Premium - 420gsm


If you’re after a coated finish, you can choose from a matt or gloss cello glaze.  The choice between matt or gloss is a personal preference.  To give you an idea the companies that order matt cards are car companies, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, and corporate businesses.  Gloss cards are normally ordered by beauticians and hairdressers, health care companies, and personal trainers. Prices and options are on the links below


Basic – 310gsm

Standard – 360gsm

Premium – 420gsm


Basic – 310gsm

Standard -360gsm

Premium – 420gsm


Again, choosing matt or gloss coating is a personal preference.  There’s no right or wrong.  If you’re not sure, try ordering the matt one first and if you don’t think it’s a good fit for the company, you can change the next order to gloss.

Different business card sizes available

When considering business cards sizes, it’s a good idea to think about being practical.  As much as fancy cards are attractive and memorable, you need to consider whether this will fit in the customers’ wallet. 

Business cards are cut down to size from large sheets of paper so you can get them at any size.  However, the most common size is 90mm x 55mm.  Other sizes are 90mm x 54mm, 88mm x 53mm, 55mm x 55mm, folded cards 180mm x 55mm, 90mm x 110mm and double cards 90mm x 110mm.

Additional information

Don’t forget to add an additional 5mm around your artwork.  In the printing industry the term for this is called ‘bleed’.  Allowing 5mm for the artwork ensures your design/colour is printed to the edge of the paper.